Restoration of old-timer trucks

Welcome to Route 29, the Belgian expert in high-quality truck restorations

Driven by our passion for the transport world, we have years of experience in the restoration of trucks and old-timer trucks in particular. We ensure that your pride and glory is treated with the utmost care and attention. We make your truck shine again, and fully prepare it for the technical inspection.

Our services are specifically aimed at the restoration and the maintenance of your old-timer or classic car. Are you looking for a complete restoration or only a partial one? No problem, Route 29 takes care of it, mostly in its own workshop. Our activities include welding and grinding, car tinning, renewing the interior, renewing the electricity, overhauling engines, spraying, selling parts, maintaining the bodywork and the engine, storage … In short: anything that is necessary to keep your old-timer in perfect condition and to maximize its value.

We are specialised in the restoration of old-timer trucks. Thanks to our extensive network we are able to find the original parts in no time, so we can execute your restoration as authentically as possible.

So do not wait any longer to start up your restoration project, because you have found the right partner with us. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities in further detail.

Transport van vrachtwagens

Have you found an old-timer truck but are you still looking for how to transport it?
No problem at all, as we are able to deliver and pick up your old-timers with the utmost care.

When is a vehicle an ‘old-timer’?

An old-timer is a vehicle that has been in use for more than 25 years and is registered with a license plate with the letter group starting with ‘O’ (as from 1 July 2013 no difference is made anymore between the different vehicles).

Until June 2013 the use of an old-timer with an O-license plate was limited to test drives within a radius of 25 kilometres, between sunrise and sunset and within the scope of an authorised motoring event or to travel to these events.

Since July 2013 old-timers have been allowed on roads outside the context of special motoring events and they can also be used at night.

Careful! Prohibitions when driving an old-timer

Since 1 July 2013 old-timers may not be used for the following purposes anymore:

  • Commercial use: any use that is meant for or aimed at professional or personal financial gains, such as a ‘food-truck’
  • Professional use: any use as part of the professional activity or business practices
  • Travelling to work from home and back and travelling to school from home and back
  • Paid transport and paid transport of persons treated as free transportation
  • Use as a tool or means as well as for work assignments
  • For vehicles equipped with caterpillar tracks, the use is limited to classic car events or test drives within a radius of 3 kilometres from the storage location of the vehicle

We can inform you, free of obligations, about the best solutions for your old-timer.